Dates in 2018: 18th February / 08th April / 27th May

Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Admission: £60 for you and your partner

      Early bird (until 1st Feb): £55 for you and your partner

 Join us for this practical and empowering workshop designed to prepare your mind and body for successful birth.

 During this workshop you will learn how to train your mind to build positive anticipation about meeting your baby and mentally prepare for the birth experience.

 You will receive the right tools which you and your partner can use for further practice so you can feel more calm, confident and in control.


We will talk about:

  *history of birth –  shift from women-centred birthing to a male dominated approach

 *three stages of birth and what to expect

 *impact of fear on birthing hormones

 *the importance of the right mindset and ways of achieving it

 *breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and positive visualisations

 *application of self-hypnosis for establishing focus and managing discomfort

 *role of birthing partner and ways of supporting you during birth

 You will be guided through an improvised birth using the power of your imagination.


 What is included:


You will receive notes and a birth preparation audio which will further enhance everything we will have talked about during the workshop.

 We will be working in a group of maximum 16 participants so please secure your place on time. You can click here to learn more about the advantages of hypnotherapy or read my ten top tips for a calm and manageable birth.

 To book your place you can contact me via email or by calling 07827061637.