Why do people get trapped in a circle of endeavouring to achieve and failing? Why does it happen that even when we lose weight, shine at our presentation, or get that job, we so often gain the weight back or still feel incompetent? Why does it sometimes result in us losing what we have worked so hard to achieve?

Importance of the right mindset

Whether we talk about weight management, low self-esteem or getting the job we desire, the key to attaining that goal is first assuring that we have the right mind-set and beliefs. Self-belief is one of the key ingredients of success. However, even when we work hard towards change and invest effort and self-discipline, we may still stumble and fall. Why is this the case?

Imagination as the language of the subsconscious

We know consciously what we want but we still can’t help imagining worst-case scenarios. When logic and imagination are in conflict, our imagination will almost always prevail! Our imagination can work for us in a positive way. However, it can also become an impediment to our success if the thoughts we have are negative despite our willpower.

Our thoughts are what we actually tell ourselves. Unfortunately, some people were not brought up in happy, strong and supportive families. They did not have that special someone to tell them they are smart, beautiful and worthy, or to praise them and encourage them when they were doing well. Sometimes, they would be noticed only when they were mischievous and not ‘performing’ the way they were expected to.

When we were children, we did not have a critical faculty to be able to discern the harmful ideas. So we believed what we were told and our subconscious mind recorded everything. Once the subconscious mind is convinced, it causes the individual to act upon that conviction.

The brain’s resistance to change

Now, when we are older, we may logically know what thoughts and habits are good for us and what we need to do, but change still seems to be so hard to achieve. Our subconscious mind resists change. Once it establishes a habit, every change is perceived as a threat. We may buy self-help books, throw away all the cigarettes within our reach or try yet another diet, telling ourselves that this time we will be even more determined. Unfortunately, the subconscious mind will resist even more.

How can hypnotherapy help

This is where hypnotherapy works best. It’s a gentle yet powerful technique that can reach the subconscious mind and change negative thought patterns. The mind cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality so the mental images that are formed during hypnotherapy become positive templates for future use. Consequently, the subconscious mind will refer to them as though as they are real, and as such facilitate a sustainable and long-lasting change that impacts both the body and the mind.

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