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When anxiety presents as anger

Anger is one of the most fundamental responses. It is automatic and triggered by the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for fight, flight or freeze. As it’s an instinctive response it doesn’t involve conscious awareness. This means the brain fires off the...

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How to harness the power of your self-talk

Are you sabotaging your success by allowing negative thoughts to get the best of you? Instead of dreaming about achieving your goals, do you worry at night and picture gloomy scenarios that could happen instead? What you may not know is that your thoughts actually...

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The six ways to overcome anxiety naturally

When people suffer from anxiety very often they are not aware of it, or, on the other hand, they obsess  about it which causes them to worry even more. It has become a modern day social problem, something so overwhelming that there is even a Mental Health Awareness...

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It’s okay to be afraid

What is there that you really need or want to do? What is there that has been on your mind for some time but you have been holding back? Why do you think you are resisting making that  important step? With time, it can become incredibly easy to get used to everyday...

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Why choose hypnotherapy?

Believe it or not, there are still skeptics who think they might end up being made to do a chicken dance if they come to see a hypnotherapist. But joking aside, some people really do challenge the credibility and efficacy of therapeutic hypnosis because they associate...

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