Below are the most common symptoms and needs that I’ve helped my clients with:

Anxiety and stress
Exam nerves
Fears and phobias
Fear of failure
Interview nerves
Panic attacks
Sleep problems
Breaking habits
Success inhibition
Goal achievement
Public speaking

Bristol Hypnotherapy with Silvia Oakes-Wilson 

Silvia Oakes-Wilson
Clinical hypnotherapist/ Advanced BWRT practitioner 

Are you a busy professional looking for ways to move forward in life, both personally and professionally?

Do you wake up at night thinking about all the brilliant ideas you have but they don’t come to fruition  as you get overwhelmed with life and daily juggle?

Does that cause you to question your potential or compare yourself unfavourably to others?

If so, I’d love to help.

The thing is, there is an inextricable connection between how we feel and how we act.

Whatever we want to achieve in our life it always comes down to how we feel about ourselves.

If we feel good and we are strong, physically and mentally, we are best placed to deal with the demands of daily life.

If we don’t feel good, it colours all aspects of our life; personal and professional.

This is something I often see with my clients.

Very often, the obstacles getting in the way for the people I work with are of personal nature.

Interestingly, it often comes down to how we see ourselves and the world.

This is good news as it means we can change it.

Jim Cathcart’s words now come to mind: “Become the person who would attract the results you seek.”
Scary stuff, isn’t it – daring to believe it is possible!

My clients had their doubts, too. However, very soon after working with me they moved away from self-sabotaging and procrastination to clarity and structure.

Who am I?

I’m Silvia and I’m a Bristol based clinical hypnotherapist and Advanced Brainworking recursive therapist (BWRT) specialising in techniques that can help you break the cycle of self-doubt, procrastination and overwhelm.

As a therapist and a life-long learner, I apply a wide range of advanced tools to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

There are three things that are unique to the way I work:

1. the techniques I use allow the mind to rapidly integrate new beliefs and understandings

2. there’s no need to talk about the past

3. you can keep your privacy to yourself

Want to know more? Please browse through my website to discover more about how I can help or get in touch to book your 30 minute consultation call.

Client testimonials

Training, qualifications and certificates

DSFH – Diploma in solution focused hypnotherapy – The Clifton practice, Bristol 2016

CPD Hypnotherapy for childbirth – The Clifton practice, Bristol 2016

CPD Neuroscience and obesity – The Clifton Practice, 2016

The Simpson protocol – Advanced hypnosis training, Ines Simpson, London, 2017

The brainworking recursive therapy (BWRT) Level 1 – General psychopathology, The Terence Watts Institute, London, 2017

CPD The principles of successful practice course – The Essex Institute of clinical hypnosis, 2017

CPD Smashing Depression course – The Essex Institute of clinical hypnosis, 2018

CPD Ageing unplugged course – The Essex Institute of clinical hypnosis, 2018

CPD Serious work for serious issues course – The Essex Institute of clinical hypnosis, 2019

CPD Warriors, settlers and nomads course – The Essex Institute of clinical hypnosis, 2019

The brainworking recursive therapy (BWRT) Level 2 – Psychology of identity and behaviour, London, 2019

Conscious analytical therapy (CAT) – April 2020, The Essex institute of clinical hypnosis, London

What is clinical hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a an evidence based therapy which can help relieve the symptoms of medical problems as long as you are ready to actively participate in the process.

Although there are about 70,000 research references worldwide,  it is still often misunderstood by the public. 

People still think that hypnosis means ‘going under’ or losing control, but actually, you are in charge throughout the whole process and actually allowing it to happen.

I practise solution focused hypnotherapy which combines talking therapy with developing an understanding of the workings of the brain (first part of the session), and hypnosis (second part of the session).

Opinions vary on the exact definition of this natural state of mind: “First of all, contrary to what many people believe, hypnosis is not always a trance state or a sleep state even though a person in hypnosis may appear to be sleeping.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is really a natural state of mind and is an important part of everyday life. Whenever our mind wanders, daydreams or is focused on something, such as reading a book, driving a familiar route or watching a film we are in a state of hypnosis.

People who are in a hypnotic state are known to slow down their brain waves from a Beta state to an Alpha state, sometimes in a deep trance this could also be to a theta state. This is not dissimilar to the level of brain activity experienced during meditation.”

When used in the therapy room, hypnosis is an effective tool that helps you to bypass the critical faculty of the mind and to work directly with the subconscious so you can reprogram the unwanted responses. 

What is hypnosis used for?

Hypnosis can be used for many things – from relieving the symptoms of medical conditions to learning new ways of doing things, letting go of unwanted habits or improving performance, confidence and general wellbeing. Hypnosis is now a very popular complementary therapy at many world renowned clinics. The Mayo clinic in London, for example, uses it for anxiety management, addictions and pain management. 

Hypnosis can be used to help with a wide range of issues such as:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Social anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Motivation
  • Public speaking
  • Sports performance
  • Sleep problems
  • Insomnia
  • Habits
  • IBS
  • Panic attacks
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low confidence
  • Exam nerves
  • Binge eating/drinking

Hypnotherapy, however, is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Some of the conditions mentioned above require a prior consultation with a healthcare provider.

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What is solution focused hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) is a mind focused therapy that enables you to make sense of both neuroscience and the workings of the brain, as well as their practical application in everyday life. This type of hypnotherapy looks to the future rather than the past.

During our hypnotherapy session I will encourage you to visualise a more positive future and to apply your own skills and resources to finding solutions to the problems that concern you. It is an empowering technique that will build up your confidence and positive expectations.I will show you how you can train your mind to adopt new habits and decisions.

These techniques will reduce your stress levels and consequently alleviate the physiological processes that cause distressing symptoms. Solution focused hypnotherapy is effective on many levels as it encourages us to think and act in a positive way, have a healthier lifestyle, sleep better, control or change our habits and overall, achieve a balance in all aspects of our life.

How does hypnosis work?

During hypnosis a client achieves a state of focused attention. This state is also called a trance as the person experiencing it is focused solely on specific thoughts or tasks while everything else going on in the person’s surroundings is temporarily ignored. This state helps the client to bypass the critical faculty of the mind and update unhelpful subconscious programming. The best illustration of this is when someone pays us a compliment or we get praise for our work but are not able to accept it due to other unhelpful beliefs. In hypnosis, however, this filtering is removed so we become receptive to change and update our subconscious programming.

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