How do you find yourself at the point of realising that you can’t do something? Is it because you have tried so many times already? Or because you have not tried at all? Now, I don’t know exactly what you’d like to achieve and if it’s has gone wrong, but one of the things that might help is to ask yourself the right questions.

Dead-end questions

Questions like: ’Why is this happening to me’ or ‘What is wrong with me?’, can bring us to a dead-end, with no real conclusions. They can take us in an unwanted direction, and that is adding up previous failure or remembering unpleasant remarks we have heard along the way. What I want to know here is  YOUR opinion.

I have experienced several life situations when it seemed impossible to achieve certain goals, or someone would tell me that it cannot be done. What I’ve noticed is, even if people claim to be an authority on the matter it does not mean that we have to take their No for an answer. I knew that if I could see my goal in my mind, then there must be a way of achieving it.

Are you taking a No for an answer?

If you still have that vision of yourself running a marathon, getting a dream job or simply feeling calm and confident despite your  current challenging circumstances, please don’t take a No for an answer. Instead of questioning yourself, I invite you to start asking the right questions. Something like: ‘Have I done everything I can?, ‘What can I do differently next time?’, What do I need to do to get the confidence I need?’

When you start thinking about the answers, you will notice that you will come up with a whole lot of unexplored possibilities. We tend to forget that our mind is connected to a vast intellectual resource which, when engaged in a problem solving way, can come up with amazing solutions. This is also the reason why solution focused hypnotherapy is so effective. It has been proven that getting into the habit of asking ourselves: ‘What little thing can be done differently next time?’, can be a life-changer in itself.