Considering hypnotherapy for habit change?

How often do we hear stories from people who are attempting to stop a habit and then suddenly witness them lighting up a cigarette, biting their nails or pulling their hair completely unaware of their actions, as though they are on an automatic pilot? The reality is that they have been responding to some kind of a trigger in their environment so it has become a habit.

Why is it hard to change a habit?

Hypnotherapy for habit change can help you stop your undesired habit. The reason it is sometimes difficult to stop undesired habits is because these behaviour patterns are stored in the subconscious. It can happen that no matter how much will power we use to change it, the more we try – the harder the resistance. Just imagine telling your teenager that from tomorrow there will be new house rules and he or she is supposed to follow them!

How does the brain control our habits?

Our subconscious mind stores everything we have learnt and experienced. We automatically stop at the traffic lights, answer the phone or put our clothes on. Sometimes, certain habits can be a a way of coping better with certain situations. So, over time, we may begin to believe that cigarettes are actually helping us to relax and are good for us.  “..a little bit of smoke does less harm than all that tension rising up when we need something to relax…” This may all seem very convincing to our subconscious which is often compared to a child – emotional and irrational. Firstly, we need to do is to become aware of the triggers that keep the habit active. The next step would be to find a different, more appropriate way to relax.

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How can hypnotherapy for habit change help?*

Anxiety can also be a very prominent factor in stopping us from being free from unwanted habits. When we are anxious we may easily lose intellectual control so our automatic, undesired responses prevail. Some unwanted habits are born out of a belief that some kind of self-medication will help us to cope better.  The most common examples to illustrate this are having chocolate or a drink whenever we are stressed. Reasons can be various, including boredom or worry. Hypnotherapy for habit change reduces the level of anxiety and teaches us how to stay in control. Once we are relaxed it becomes easier to identify the triggers and implement new ways of doing things.

Are you ready to change your unwanted habit?

So if you would like to be free from your unwanted habit, hypnotherapy can help. It is important to be cognisant of the fact that full client commitment is important. This enables one to be fully aware that the habit is not beneficial and become ready to let it go.

Here what Agnese achieved after two sessions:

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* Results may vary from person to person.