So often, despite yearning for stability our lives are in a flux and subject to change. Life can throw different demands our way, and we may feel inclined to stay within our comfort zone, even when we know that is not our ultimate desire.

We can come up with some very convincing explanations for why we are putting our life on hold but deep down we know there is a part of us that is craving change. We are beings of evolution and as such there is no real comfort zone for us apart from breaking free from everything that is holding us back. Change is the only constant and when we embrace it we open ourselves up to being free to become whatever we wish to be.

I know that sometimes it may seem impossible to imagine a future that is so different from what you are experiencing at the moment. You may have been holding onto pain, sad memories or trauma for so long that it has become part of who you are, how you define yourself and what you allow yourself to do. The good news is – life doesn’t have to be that way. 

Everything out there, despite how challenging it may feel sometimes, can be seen as an opportunity. It can be a way of showing you how you want things to be, rather than how you don’t want them to be. Changing the way we think about things can be so liberating. Especially because very often, it seems to be the only way to be truly happy. Changes give us the opportunity to redefine ourselves, be different, be better than we were yesterday, and also – closer to who we want to become.

Isn’t that what life is all about – living our full potential, letting go of fears and limiting beliefs and embracing the winds of change. 

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