“I was curious to try solution focused hypnotherapy to see if it could help me with the negative thoughts I experience. I had an initial consultation with Silvia that was very thorough and she explained to me how hypnotherapy works and we discussed what I would like to get from it.

She advised me listen to an audio of her voice to help me get used to the sound of it and these were very relaxing and helped to put me in a deeply relaxed state for our sessions.

I found an immediate effect when I went home after our session and I was eating a meal and found I was eating slowly which was something I’d talked about wanting to change!*

Our next session was longer and with a deeper level of hypnosis. During this I felt aware but not fully present, and odd feeling. Afterwards, I felt great.

I’d really recommend Silvia to anyone wanting to achieve some real changes in old patterns of behaviour that are stopping them from living a full life.” (M.C.)


* Results may vary from person to person