“Although I’ve tried many alternative therapies, I have to say, I was skeptical when it came to hypnotherapy. I have two autoimmune diseases and although I know that food can play a crucial role in well-being, I couldn’t resist gluten and sugar.

After one treatment with Silvia, she managed to switch my brain process and now it is so easy for me to avoid certain foods in order to maintain my health. I have been on a gluten and sugar free diet for two weeks now and I’m feeling a hundred times better.

I came to the conclusion that I was holding on to my everyday experiences of pain since I thought that without the pain I couldn’t justify indulging in gluten/sugar. My default thought was: I can’t.

Now, I have substituted it with: I CAN. I now take full responsibility for my well-being and it’s a choice rather than a chore.” (J.K.)

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