Hypnotherapy for childbirth

Calm, confident and in control during birth? Yes, you! If you want to welcome your baby to the world calmly and naturally, then hypnotherapy for childbirth is an excellent choice! This method enabled me to stay focused throughout my labor and to have a drug-free birth, despite being induced after 42 weeks.

It also helped me to reduce the discomfort and to stay in control throughout all three stages of the birth. Our body naturally knows what it needs to do and if we allow it, the birthing process can be stress-free.


Effects of Relaxation on Childbirth

The key to this is relaxation. This is because a relaxed approach helps to maintain the right levels of oxytocin, a hormone which has multiple functions during and after birth. If a woman is tense or afraid of giving birth, oxytocin levels may drop and even stop the contractions. Also, if a woman is stressed, she may inhibit the whole process as her body responds to her belief that giving birth is unsafe.

When approaching childbirth, mammals tend to seek a quiet and peaceful place and are able to stop the birthing process if they perceive danger or feel threatened.  Humans behave in exactly the same way.

Long ago, when we existed in tribes, women embraced the process of becoming mothers as something natural, not as a potential threat. In some groups, giving birth and then continuing with daily life and work relatively quickly was part of the convention and it felt natural.

Women gave birth either standing or kneeling, following their primal instincts. In fact, works of art have been uncovered from the Stone Age depict women giving birth in upright positions, depicting their strength and serenity.


A Shift in the History

Nowadays, such a situation is almost unimaginable as most women need time to recover emotionally and physically.

It is worth saying that modern women need recuperation even more than ever because they do not have the support of a large community as in the past. In addition to this, there are so many interventions occurring during the birthing process. This can be traced back to the shift from women-centered birthing to a male-dominated approach. Consequently, women lost control over the birthing process and became alienated from their primal instincts.

When a woman is calm and confident and is given space to focus on her body, she is able to ride the waves of sensations without panic or fear. Despite the high levels of oxytocin that cause the contractions, when a  birthing mother is calm and relaxed, her body naturally releases beta-endorphins which act as pain-killers so the levels of discomfort she experiences remain bearable.


How Can Hypnotherapy for Childbirth Help?*

Hypnotherapy for childbirth prepares the mother for this stage by encouraging the feelings of positive anticipation and excitement about meeting her baby and focusing on abdominal breathing.

Breathing is of vital importance during birth as it provides enough oxygen to the baby. In addition to this, it reduces tension so the uterus is not adversely affected by tension coming from other muscles. Abdominal breathing is not complicated to learn and is also totally natural so it allows the birthing mother to stay connected with her primal instincts.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth helps to foster the right mindset and also covers various eventualities so you can stay focused and calm no matter what is happening around you. Your positive feelings about the birthing process affect your whole physiology and have an enormous effect on the birth that you experience.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth has many benefits which impact not only the birthing mother and her baby but also strengthen the bond between the birthing partners.


Advantages of Hypnobirthing

  •  Let go of all the negative emotions and fears you may associate with giving birth
  • Create new, positive associations about the birthing process
  • Equip you with the tools to enable you to practice self-hypnosis during each contraction
  • Make the birthing stages shorter and more bearable, eliminating the need for drugs (1st-time mums – from  9.3 hrs to 6.4 hrs, 2nd-time mums – from 6.2 hrs to  5.3 hrs)
  • Improve the bond between the mother, the baby, and the birthing partner
  • Reduce the need for interventions
  • Reduce the risk of pelvic floor damage
  • Reduce the amount of medical intervention and the use of forceps
  • Influence faster postnatal recovery
  • Lower blood pressure


Antenatal Hypnobirthing Sessions

If working 1:1, after the initial consultation we agree on the times for subsequent sessions which take place on a weekly basis.

You will receive a hypnotherapy for childbirth audio which will encourage positive visualizations and feelings about birth. 

You can also attend your individual sessions with your partner or join me for an intensive 3-hour birth preparation workshop for couples.

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Please contact me via email or by calling 07827 061 637 to find out more.

* Results may vary from person to person.