Why do we have fears and phobias?

Our fears are natural responses to perceived danger in our environment. When our brain senses a threat, it naturally fires off to warn us that there is something threatening our survival. Phobias, on the other hand, are irrational fears that do not represent a real threat to our existence. Phobias that people can suffer from are various and all have their origin in the human psyche. Sometimes we may pick up a fear from our parents or carers, or may have an experience in the past, like a car accident that at the time we did not believe was traumatic, but some years after, it may suddenly become an issue!

How and when fears and phobias occur?

Fears and phobias can prevent us from living a normal life in so many ways or pose an obstacle to having a dream job, living in another country or having successful relationships. People who suffer from fears and phobias know best what they are going through – feelings may range from discomfort, anxiety to full-on panic attacks. No matter how much one attempts to rationalise the situation, when the triggers or exposure are there, one loses intellectual control as the primitive, subconscious mind takes over.  The subconscious mind is where all our knowledge is stored and sometimes we may think we forgot something we have experienced years and years ago, but then, when a situation occurs  again, we become pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised that the information is still there. This is particularly prominent when intense emotions are associated with the event.

How can hypnotherapy help with fears and phobias?*

The amygdala and the hippocampus are the parts of our brain that are involved in storing the information so it becomes a long-term memory. If we have learnt from our parents that spiders or dogs are dangerous, then when see a spider or a dog in the street, our amygdala will initiate a fight or flight response. Depending on the template of our previous experiences, we will demonstrate behaviour that matches the one stored in the template. As our subconscious mind does not like change – although it is for our betterment – it will prompt us to react in the same way and consequently, we remain in a vicious circle. Hypnotherapy can help you by accessing the subconscious mind and changing those templates. 

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*  Results may vary from person to person.