Everything starts in the mind. Get to the mind and the body will follow.

If you feel stuck, if you need a change – hypnotherapy can help!

I offer a half price initial consultation during which we discuss your goals and how hypnotherapy can work for you to achieve them.

At the initial consultation you will receive the tools which you can start using straight away to regain the sense of control  and to get on top of things.

The best results are obtained when sessions are attended on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions or not sure if hypnotherapy can help with your symptoms, you are most welcome to call me or send me an email – I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Initial consultation (50 mins) – £30

Regular sessions (50 mins) – £60

Stop smoking session (1.5-2 hours) – £150
(one-off session, no initial consultation needed)

Birth preparation couple – £60.00

Birth preparation individual – £40.00







How many sessions will it take?

Number of sessions varies and it depends on individual needs and circumstances which will be discussed at the initial consultation.

Support programme

If you know you can commit to having regular sessions until you have reached your desired goals – you may consider booking them in advance to ensure availability and your commitment to the therapy.

In addition to this, for advance bookings of 3 or more sessions paid in advance you receive a 10% discount.


If you need to cancel the session, please contact me 48 hours before your slot. For missed appointments and late cancellations, the full fee is payable.

Refunds and cancellations for workshops

Refunds policy is 5 days prior the event. Workhops are for a minimum of 6 people. In the event of a lower number of bookings, the organizer reserves the right to cancel 5 days prior the event.

Upcoming events

29th November

Calm, confident and in control

10th December

Birth preparation workshop