The challenges we face in our daily lives can be numerous

Often things just keep piling up, resulting in worry, sleepless nights and anxiety

Sometimes we’re not even aware of these symptoms until they give us a cause to finally slow down and be gentle to ourselves

and find the balance within

Silvia Boric, Solution focused hypnotherapist

Silvia Oakes-Wilson
Clinical hypnotherapist

Whether it is about the past, present or future – I can help you feel better about it!

It is time to let go of that fear, boost that confidence again and focus on how you want things to be, rather than how you don’t want them to be!

Hi, I am Silvia and I am here for you.  I am a fully insured and qualified clinical hypnotherapist and anxiety specialist based in Bristol.  I use a combination of psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis to help you achieve your goals.

My concern is not for you to feel just OK. I want you to regain that zest for life, that inner glow that has been missing.

Whichever symptoms you’d like to work on, we can discuss it at our initial consultation. All sessions are tailored to your needs and if there are any particulars about your situation that you want to keep private, you are most welcome to do so.

Through working closely, I  can help you deal with various symptoms – ranging from anxiety and fear to weight management and childbirth, as they all have their root cause in the human psyche.

Take a look at the list below of some of the symptoms that I can help you with and what my clients say. I know it may seem impossible sometimes to imagine a future without stress, sleepless nights, IBS or trauma that has left you struggling with upsetting emotions.  The good news is  – life can be better! 

My mission is to help you achieve your desired results as soon as possible. So if you are ready to make that change and would like a motivated and enthused approach, then get in touch today by calling on 07827061637 or sending me an email.

If you are not local and cannot attend face-to-face hypnotherapy in Bristol, I also offer online hypnotherapy sessions. Click here for more information.

Customer testimonials

S.B. – after 2 sessions*

I just wanted to write to completely recommend Silvia Oakes-Wilson, I went to help sort my motorway driving phobia and anxieties, and came out with loads of confidence and feeling like a million dollars! (Plus feeling so relaxed during the sessions, I didn't want to...

T.W. – after 3 sessions*

“I visited my GP to have 3 doses of injections including a blood test! I can’t say it was still a pleasurable experience but I did not pass out as usual and I managed for once to have them.”

C.W. – after 6 sessions*

“I no longer go on dates with a great amount invested in them but more observe any feelings or judgements that come up.”

H.B. – after 8 sessions*

“I started to feel big changes in my thought processes. I had a sense of calm that previously hadn’t been there, it gave me the space to become less reactive and think clearly before I acted in haste.”

K.W. – after 3 sessions*

“I found hypnotherapy with you to be an incredibly calming experience and very much enjoyed the feeling of being under hypnosis.”

M.L. – after 6 sessions*

“Silvia is fantastic at what she does! She’s got the most calm, relaxing, yet attentive manner about her.”

J.K. – after 1 session*

“I have two autoimmune diseases and although I know that food can play a crucial role in well-being, I couldn’t resist gluten and sugar. After one treatment with Silvia, she managed to switch my brain process.”

V.T. – after 2 sessions*

“I had two sessions with Silvia and I felt like weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt like a little Buddha, in a calm and peaceful place.”

B.N. – after 3 sessions*

“Silvia showed me that for the issues I had (weight management and coping with exam stress) the solutions were already within me – she just helped me to tease them out.”

M.C. – after 2 sessions*

“I found an immediate effect when I went home after our session and I was eating a meal and found I was eating slowly which was something I’d talked about wanting to change! “

S.L. – after 8 sessions*

“Luckily, I was in safe hands with Silvia, who has been fantastic. I truly believe it would be difficult to find a more dedicated, insightful and caring professional in this field.”